ZPro Futbol

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If you have never had a "training" glove, the LEGION glove is a great place to start!  Training gloves are designed for that specifically... TRAINING.  It is not a match glove but this has been designed and built to use on rough terrain and to take the abuse that training sessions can have on goalkeeper gloves.  This glove comes with 3mm latex and a flat cut design.  It is breathable and comfortable and has a single strap on the wrist.  The grip is still very decent.

If you have never worn a flat-cut style glove, please continue reading...

Flat cut designs have a slightly tighter fit at the tip of the finger simply because how it is designed and stitched.  Do not misunderstand this fit as a glove that is too small.  Continue to order your normal size.  With the 3mm thickness of this flat-cut style (as opposed to our professional match quality glove which is 4mm), you will feel a slight bit more impact from the ball.