How to make your goalkeeper gloves last long?

Posted by ZPro Sports Staff on Nov 8th 2017

glove-cup-ZPro-Futbol.jpgHow to make our goalkeeper gloves last longer? This is an eternal question which will be around as long as goalkeepers are worn. But here are few things that most people don't know:

There are a LARGE number of companies making their own gloves now days. You see brands coming out like crazy so which ones are the best gloves? based on the years we've spent researching and fabricating gloves, we will give you clear information about goalkeeper gloves, how they are made, material, quality etc, you will then be able to make a better decision.  

Most glove companies do not want you to know this.  There are gloves out there in the market which claim all of these great features, great flashy colors, special effects & fireworks just to make people buy them. These glove look awesome then you buy them but last you few months.   Also, you probably already know that glove companies give large endorsements for professional goalkeepers to wear SPECIAL MADE xyz gloves but the rest of the customers will buy whatever the glove company makes. 

Often time, glove companies make their gloves with a CHEAP LATEX made in different parts of the world and sometimes these LATEXS material are the LOWEST QUALITY which looks & feels like high quality but are sold to the public at a high price and this is one of the MAIN reasons why goalkeeper gloves will not last you long because you are buying a very low quality material.  

How will you know if you buying goalkeeper gloves that are the real deal? For the regular customer, it will be hard to really distinguish from the REAL quality material & a cheaper quality, the only thing MOST people know is the PRICE & the BRAND. However, prices & brand still does not guarantee you anything.


  • The most obvious signs of low quality: When you go to a store and see goalkeeper gloves notice how flat, flimsy and fake it looks, sometime these gloves feels like just a baby toy.
  • There are high-end gloves you can buy but once you wear it a few times or within few months gloves look worn out & almost destroyed.
  • Also, some gloves have all these fancy grip stuff on the latex to make it more marketable but after few days or weeks of wear, it is COMPLETELY GONE. 
  • Last, some organizations just make gloves to make money. But there is really no real reason other than making money, so the quality is absolutely questionable.

There is no question that getting goalkeeper gloves can cost a lot and if you are not careful you will buy $100 goalkeeper gloves and see them disappear within few weeks. In fact, some people don't eve wear their expensive gloves until they HAVE TO because of fear of losing money  

new-gen.pngOur organization ZPro Futbol was created by ex-professional goalkeepers but the unique about this organizations is that these ex-professionals came from very poor backgrounds from Latin America, South America & even in the US. Therefore, we understand what is like not to have money and DESPERATELY  need gloves to play. 

We also understand what is like to be a single parent and struggle to buy gloves and even if you buy them you do not know if it will last....We also know thousands of goalkeepers from parts of the worlds that WILL NEVER be able to afford even a cheap low quality gloves.   Based on all these factors, we decided to create Professional gloves that can last, perform well and are comfortable.

We spend lots of resources, money and research to choose the best quality materials in the world, NOT DUPLICATES. In fact, our gloves are inspected very carefully, even the stitches in our gloves MUST be inspected & approved by our Directors & president of ZPro Futbol Sports. Then our gloves must be tested by our current Professional goalkeepers and put through a tough & rigorous test to observe its durability. So this entire process takes forever but we rather take our time to make sure we get the best quality and results, rather than simply making QUANTITY of gloves and later give up quality.

Do not get caught up with hype of brands or prices because in the end you will END UP buying many pairs a year and lose lots of money.