ZPro gloves: Orbital Professional gloves

Posted by ZPro Sports Staff on Oct 4th 2017

ZPro Futbol gloves are starting to get lots of attention in part due to the attention to detail put on these gloves.  Our gloves are not made of cheap quality material then later sold for hundred … read more

Goalkeeper gloves: DO NOT SPIT!!

Posted by ZPro Futbol gloves staff on Sep 20th 2017

There are a large number of young amateur goalkeepers who SPIT on the gloves, their thinking is that spit makes the glove STICKY.   Well, not only that's a terrible idea but it also the spit will … read more

ZPro Futbol new gloves

Posted by ZPro Futbol gloves staff on Jul 20th 2017

A new generations of goalkeeper gloves ZPro Futbol. Professionally made for all customers serious about looking professional and looking for great grip under any field conditions. ZPro Futbol gloves a … read more

ZPro Futbol gloves in Gold cup 2017

Posted by ZPro Futbol gloves staff on Jul 20th 2017

ZPro Futbol gloves made professional international debut in 2016 in the Brazil vs Panama friendly game in Denver, CO.  These gloves were made by professionals and amateur goalkeepers in mind. In … read more